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Artisan Bread

Specialty Salts

Sourdough boule - A rustic round loaf with a hearty golden crust and open crumb. From start to finish, this sourdough is a 24 hour process. 

Petite Sourdough - the same boule you know and love, but smaller. Perfect if you don't need a lot of bread. 

Rustic Baguette - A crusty baguette perfect for sandwiches, cheese pairings, spreads, et cetera.

Maple Oat Sandwich Bread - hearty sandwich loaf, with organic oats & local maple syrup. 

Brown Butter Brioche Rolls - nutty brown butter lends a robust twist to the classic brioche bun.

Fresh-pulled pasta

Our fresh-pulled pasta is made with semolina flour and water.


Comes in compostable packaging

This product is able to be frozen.

If frozen, put immediately into boiling water without thawing. 

Check your local store frequently for new flavors and shapes.

Winter Warrior - this sea salt is packed with brain-booting lion's mane mushroom (wild foraged) and two spices valued for their anti-oxidants and immune boosting properties - ginger and white pepper. 

recommended for: asian dishes, such as noodles, fried rice, or stir fry. Also pairs well with seafood.

Black Pearl - this sea salt blends wild foraged oyster mushrooms and black onion, lending a rich umami flavor to hearty winter dishes.

recommended for: roasted meats, stews, chilis, crock pot dishes, steaks & chops.

Forager's Favorite - wild foraged maitake mushrooms and leeks are expertly blended with sea salt (maitake mushrooms AKA hen-of-the-woods are Jordan's favorite to both hunt & eat).

recommended for: versatile flavors suitable for most savory applications.

Small Batch Miso

Check your local store frequently for new flavors

Learn about miso here

Our products are available at the following locations:

Hub on the Hill, Essex Eats, Mace Chasm, Sugarhouse Creamery, Cedar Run Bakery, Asgaard Farm & Dairy, Green Goddess, Green Goddess Market on Main, Keeseville Farmacy, Craigardan

Contact your local retailer for availability.

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