Make the barbecue your b-

best friend, guys. Make the barbecue your best friend.

You know what we hate about food blogs? The 8 page personal story that precedes the good stuff. So here it is. The quick tips that could totally rock your cook-out a little harder.

What makes a great burger?

It's as easy as one simple thing:

Remember to make a point to always season meat prior to cooking. (Let it soak in a tad.)

That is the difference between a good burger and an incredible burger.

Every. Single. Time.

Sounds simple, right? But lots of people skip this step and season on the grill or when it's taken off. Doing so beforehand makes all the difference.

Tips for grilling meat that won’t take a ton of time but will make you seem like a backyard superhero:

  • Take your burgers, steaks, or chops & pat them dry with a paper towel

  • Place them on another paper towel & season both sides liberally w/ salt

  • Let them sit for 15 minutes. Use this time to clean up, prep your sides, or - if you have children - pretend you need to go to the bathroom and breathe in the quiet of 30 seconds

  • Pat dry again

  • Spray both sides with cooking spray. This adds a barrier that seals the outside and keeps juices in.

  • Grill & enjoy!

Think outside the grill

Not everyone has a grill, or has enough room on said grill to cook for a bunch of people. Not everyone like cleaning a grill. (Me. Sarah. I don't.)

This is where we shamelessly plug our product:

Campfire rub can be used to add a smoky, delicious flavor to your food without using a grill or a smoker. For example:

  • Apply campfire rub to a whole chicken or parts of a chicken

  • Roast your campfirey meat in the oven at high enough temp to crisp the skin, but not so high that the rub on the skin burns. (So choosing "high broil" and then hiding from your kids in the bathroom is probably not a great idea here.)

  • Mop on BBQ sauce towards the end. (You know what BBQ sauce is great? Ours. It's fabulous.)

  • Enjoy!

Using miso to marinate meat:

We make miso, but we also understand that lots of people are probably hesitant to try using it. We promise it's super easy. Here's one way:

Miso is made when Aspergillus oryzae breaks down starches. Because it’s so good at breaking things down, it acts as a natural meat tenderizer.

Marinate your meat in miso. (A lot goes a long way. Start by spreading on a spoonful, add as you need.)

Cook as you normally would.

You'll umami bomb your taste buds and create a dish that is crazy tender. See? Easy!

Finally, be safe.

We miss each other. We require touch and love to not just survive, but thrive. We also want to keep each other and our community safe to ensure a bigger celebration in the future.

Happy eating!


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