Red Oak Food Company is owned and operated by Jordan and Sarah Sauter -- two native Philadelphians growing in the Adirondacks with their four boys.

Red Oak Food Company is the work of Jordan Sauter. It is an offering of delicious catered meals, homemade baked goods, and wild-crafted products, including small-batch miso.  


Jordan grew up around food. He has fond memories of his Nana making homemade pierogies in her home kitchen, and his favorite after-school TV show The Frugal Gourmet, which he had dubbed "The Cooker Guy."


As a young adult, he attended the school of hard knocks - the Philadelphia restaurant scene - and worked his way through every position, beginning at dishwasher. (He can still clean dishes like a madman.) His fascination with using ingredients in imaginative ways led him to multiple executive chef positions. 


Since moving to the Adirondacks, he knew he wanted to include foraging and fermentation in his life's work. After 13 years working in restaurants, Red Oak has given him the chance to realize these passions fully. 

When not cooking, he likes to listen to black metal while spying for mushrooms from his truck. 


His wife is a writer and artist, but spends most of her time helping with Red Oak and cursing too much. Their kids are homeschooled and definitely weird.


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