Monthly Memberships

With our monthly membership, you get an immediate spot on our order form, a meal for the serving size you've paid for, as well as 10% off add-ons and extra servings.


We recommend a membership based on the amount you normally purchase.

You’ll still be able to buy extra servings if you wish. All membership holding customers will receive 10% off extra servings or extra add-on products!

How will it work? 

You’ll automatically receive your designated serving of meals each week. Vegetarian memberships will receive vegetarian option. Standard membership will simply need to choose protein option each week.


Can I still mix & match proteins? (For example, 2 fish and 2 meat)

Yes! Pricing is strict, though. You won’t get a credit if you have a standard membership and choose a veggie option as one of your servings. 


Payment will be through cash/check/Venmo/or PayPal (using friends & family option)

Processing fees through paypal business and invoice are a percentage of the total and will simply be too much for us to lose.


What if we are away one week?

We recommend you donate or gift your meal. If they live in a town we deliver to, just send us the address and give them delivery information, like date and time. Don't have someone to gift it to? We'll make sure it receives a good home.


Memberships will be based on a 4 week structure and can begin at any time.

Check below for pricing

Vegetarian Only

  • 2 servings - $100

  • 4 servings - $160

  • 6 servings - $240 


  • 2 servings - $120

  • 4 servings - $180

  • 6 servings - $280

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