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Koji Basics

 What you need to get started*

Koji spores - Rice Essence Labs koji Kin 100g 

Kitchen Scale 

Growing Chamber

  1. Insulated Bin (hardware store/supermarket etc)

  2. Heat (waterproof heat mat)

  3. Moisture / Oxygen (aquarium air pump)

  4. Thermostat (heat mat thermostat)

  5. Hygrometer (bluetooth humidity sensor)

  6. Clean linen (tenugui

*Affiliated links are suggestions. We aren’t getting compensated. This is just what we use.

Almond Miso Recipe


1300g Active, Cultivated Koji

1000g Almond Flour 

130g Salt

275g Water

  1. Grow your koji 

  2. Combine koji with almond flour and water

  3. Add salt

  4. Place mix in vessel

  5. Age for 6-9 weeks

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