Everything we forage is done so sustainably, locally, and with respect to the land.

Jordan is certified to sell wild mushrooms.

Our foraging seasons begins in Spring and ends in Autumn.

Beginning late Spring 2021, Jordan will be available for private mushroom walks. 

$125 for the first hour

$75 for each additional

Walks may be done on private property or public trails.

Free consultation for private property is available. This will give us insight into the kind of trees on the grounds and the type of mushrooms that are most likely to grow. This information helps us determine the best time to schedule your walk.

Disclaimer: Scheduling in advance is not recommended, as weather directly affects mushroom growth. (If we have three weeks of dry weather leading up to your walk, you might be looking at a-whole-lot of nothing.)

Even with rain, you might not find anything edible, anything fresh, or anything at all. You will, however, still gain knowledge. And knowledge is power.

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foraged maitake mushrooms